Vhutshilo 2

Vhutshilo 2 is an intervention targeting the 14 – 17/18-year-old age group (designed for secondary school age which may include learners older than 18 years who are still in school).

The curriculum was originally developed in 2008/9 and a research project on the pilot was conducted by the HSRC. The intervention was also part of an RCT study with World Vision in 2012/2013 in the Eastern Cape conducted by Tulane University for USAID. An additional survey of 13 prevention curricula in South Africa, conducted by FHI 360 (2013) on request from USAID, recommended that Vhutshilo 2 was one of the ‘go to’ curriculum for prevention in South Africa (with some additions to the curriculum content).

Extensive upgrading of the curriculum was finalised over 2015/6 and is the prevention intervention for selected ASPIRES and DREAMS partners. During 2015, HETTAS worked with the ASPIRES project and the FHI 360 prevention team to provide T&TA support to five PEPFAR OVC partners: NACCW, NACOSA, FF, CINDI and HIVSA. The second level changes, supported by FHI 360 included the recommendation from USAID to include information on intergenerational exchange dating (the ‘Blesser’ concept), dating violence and consent for sex, additional information to support facilitators and an orientation to DREAMS.

Please click on the link below to download an example session.
Vhutshilo 2 consists of the following sessions:
  • Session 1. Making Our Space
  • Session 2. How does it feel: What to do with the feelings inside?
  • Session 3. Who can I run to? – Finding support around us
  • Session 4. Self-talk: Making better decisions
  • Session 5. With a little help: Dealing with grief and loss
  • Session 6. Deal with it: Coping without drugs and alcohol
  • Session 7. Standing up or standing by: The role of gender and violence in our lives
  • Session 8. From sweet to sour: Unhealthy dating relationships
  • Session 9. What’s love got to do with it? – Having healthy dating Relationships
  • Session 10. Getting serious: Understanding STIs, HIV and AIDS
  • Session 11. Safe with one or none: Staying safe in sexual relationships
  • Session 12. Say what? – Negotiating safer sex or no sex
  • Session 13. Say It Like You Mean It
  • Session 14. Know your methods: Avoid the risks of teen pregnancy
  • Session 15. Then what? – Unplanned pregnancy
  • Session 16. What did we learn: How will it change
The A4 brochures are about offering young people more information on factual aspects of the programme. For example, it is important to know the kind of information that you need before you decide to have sex; it is crucial to grasp what consenting to sex is and how to clearly figure out how it works; and it is important to separate the myths from the facts when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse. Each of these brochures is directly related to one of the sessions in the Vhutshilo 2 programme.

There are five brochures that can be downloaded
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The A3 posters may be printed out and placed in community centres and classrooms. Their purpose is to draw attention to the key messages of the programme and act as visual reminders of what youth have learned during the programme. They are also used to highlight HCT testing or AIDS awareness days. There are five posters that can be downloaded here and printed.