Vhutshilo 1

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In Vhutshilo 1 we follow Biko, Mbali, Thandi and their friends who will also appear in Vhutshilo 2 and 3. Here the characters face the challenges and opportunities that are common among young adolescents within the same community.

The curriculum was originally developed in 2006/7 and has been updated and expanded in 2016.The original curriculum underwent a research study on the pilot that was conducted by the HSRC. An additional survey of the implementation of Vhutshilo 1 in 2015 resulted in the recommendation that the curriculum needs to be updated and strengthened, changing from a peer led intervention to a youth facilitator approach. A Trainer's Manual was also developed which allows for a Master Trainer to explore the underlying pedagogy of Vhutshilo and provides ways to mentor and support youth facilitators.

The changes to Vhutshilo 1 include reworking all the artwork. Sessions were added on values, strengthened sexuality, puberty and negotiation skills. The improvements considered alignment to the DREAMS intervention outcomes and promotes the concept of encouraging 5 friends and mentorship.

The curriculum has 13 sessions, each an hour in duration.

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Session overview
Session 1. Making Our Place
Session 2. A Good Space—Getting Help from the People Around Us
Session 3. What’s Important—the Value of Values
Session 4. Making Good Decisions in Difficult Situations
Session 5. Feel Free to Feel
Session 6. Dealing with Grief and Loss
Session 7. Living with Change—Welcome to Puberty
Session 8. Attraction—Show You Care in Safe Ways
Session 9. Understanding HIV/AIDS and STIs
Session 10. Taking Care of Ourselves
Session 11. Having a Friend—Being a Friend
Session 12. Get What’s Best for You—Negotiate
Session 13. Looking Back—Looking Ahead