Vhutshilo 3

Vhutshilo 3 is a sequence of 14 sessions co-facilitated by a team of young adult facilitators leading groups of between 15 to 17 HIV-positive adolescent participants, both male and female, between the ages of 14-18.

Each session’s learning activities target different learning objectives; but every session also provides fun, connection among participants, facilitators, and offers a safe place to express emotion and ask for help. One of the goals of the programme is for participants to recognise that they possess considerable skills, strength, and wisdom to support one another.

The curriculum is accompanied by a Trainer's Manual that deals specifically with the additional complexities of supporting HIV positive youth.

Please click on the link below to download an example session.

The Sessions

  • Session 1. Making Our Space
  • Session 2. My homies: Finding your circle of support
  • Session 3. Living Values
  • Session 4. Choose Smart: Making better decisions
  • Session 5. Shame: Dealing with stigma and discrimination
  • Session 6. How HIV works
  • Session 7. Coping with being HIV positive and understanding loss
  • Session 8. What’s love got to do with it: Having healthy relationships
  • Session 9. From sweet to sour: Unhealthy dating relationships
  • Session 10. Safe with one or none: Staying safe in sexual relationships
  • Session 11. Standing up or standing by: Gender-based violence in our lives
  • Session 12. Deal with it: Coping without drugs and alcohol
  • Session 13. A real buddy: Getting support from our friends
  • Session 14. The changes we want to see

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